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Examples of Kelly's Rigging

My standard SR Hostess Tray.

Anytime you've got an actor driving themselves, It's a good idea to give
them a visual reminder that they are wider than normal.

Even with smaller cameras, I like to use the big heavy Hostess Tray.
The mass provides a much smoother shot.

Backseat Hostess Tray rigged for camera to mount above drivers head.

Hostess Tray used with Hoodmount for lighting.

Hosted Tray Mount Rigged to hold RED Camera.

Hood Mount & Hostess Tray Camera/Light rig.

Hoodmount with 1.2k HMI and a 4x4 Double to knock down
the windshield reflection.

Hoodmount with 4x4 Floppy to kill the windshield reflection.

Hood Mount with floppy to cut glare in camera.

Hood Mount rigged to avoid camera reflection in vertical windshield.

For standard configurations, the Modern Studios Hoodmount rig
has been worth every penny.

Very improtant to brace the camera after the frame is set.

Hood Mount rigged to hold RED Camera high overhead.

In a POV shot of the vehicle crashing through a gate, the Director wanted to see the hood of the picture car in the frame. This rig provided
protection for car, the and the camera. (See the crash)
NOTE: It helped that the gate, and the chain, were plastic.

Here I rigged the productions Passenger Van, to use as an Insert car.

Small hood mounted lighting rig.

This was a shot of the rear seat passenger, with the reflection in the glass.

Roof mounts allow for faster switching sides, and allow the camera
to see the entire door frame.

Truck Mounts work great on convertibles. (He did not ride along :-)

Close up of rear tire while driving on a Lakebed.

Close up of front tire during a car chase (before we put on a top brace).
The bar sticking out the rear was for a BTS camera.

Jeeps offer unique oportunities to get a great shot.

Rear facing slider (before I built my Camera Car) .

Mini van rigged with camera mount for use as insert car.

For smaller cameras, and extreme angles, 5/8" rigging and suction cups are a viable option.

The are two rigs I built for shooting background plates for process shots.

Rigging on the All-in-One-Truck Camera Car...

Libra Head front facing mount.

Ultra low slider (for very level ground only :-).

Very low ball head mount.

Inverted side view mount.

Mitchell Mount and Lambda Head.

Camera and video village mounted on the roof platform.

Libra Head rear facing mount.

Insert Car Rigging suspends camera over opposing traffic.

DP operates on 8' "Slider" mounted to rear of camera car.

Actor support to emulate Harley ride for ECU.

We had an interior car shot where to drover was supposed to be doing donuts, in a cloud of dust, on a dry lakebed, during the day. They missed the sunset and it was a one day shoot, so we mounted the 18k to the front of the Camera Car, and circled the car sitting in a cloud of Fullers Earth.
(Don't believe me? See it here)

Our Kubota...

This is the most popular rig on my Kubota. The SteadiCam Operator is harnessed in to the spring loaded seat; We use a Garfield to mount the arm; and video village is in the front seat.

Our ScooterCam...

ScooterCam is a 250cc Honda with an automatic transmission.

Rigging on other Vehicles...

Bungee Camera Rigging on Client's Polaris Ranger Crew for RED Camera.

I was brought in to rig a RED camera to the Santa Monica Pier Roller Coaster. We found two drain holes in the floorboard of the passenger compartment we were able to get a couple of SR Starters without interfering with the safety bar.

This rig allows fast and easy flipping to the reverse.

Three cameras rigged to a golfcart for a heavy dialog moving shot.

Speed-Rail Slider...

Dana Dollies have a very short "wheel base", and just like a car, it makes for a bumpy ride. By using Speed-Rail, I increased the wheel base, I can configure it in multiple ways, and the wheel bars can be rotated to adjust for diferent track widths.

I had Modern Studio Equipment custom build me this 20ft overhead track.

Overhead Camera Dolly Rig.

The 20ft track can also be used with a slider track.

Underslung "Slider" Rig.

My SR slider can also be configured to run vertical.

It can also be modified to run without a track.

Stunt Rigging...

The script called for the little girl to "Float Across the stairway". I used my 13ft truss; Slider carriage; Stunt Wire from a speader bar; and then pull her across with rope and pullies.

The gag here was to have the actor levitate up from the message table. Some Truss; Pullies; stunt wire; and a boat trailer wench, powered by a cordless drill, did the trick.

In this shot, the monster leaps between two walls in an elevator shaft set. He wash hanging, by stunt wire, from the slider carriage, which also had a camera attached for a overhead shot of the jump.

To simulate the monster "scurrying up the elevator shaft", we recreated the vertical set horizontally (ala TV Batman). The slider carraige held the actor off the floor, and was attached to an outrigger that had a camera (mounted sideways) to follow along with the action.

Misc Rigging...

This rig provides a very stable camera platform in confined spaces.

Bird's Eye View rig on Condor.

An example of a Fly Swatter rigged to a Condor, for an 18k bounce.

I came up with this, last minute, using an old swivel barstool.
(Here's the shot)

I built this RC car for "running dog" POVs.

If the ground is too off camber for the RC Car (above), we use this rig.

Football player POV rig.

Things that worked, but I'm not proud of...

Menace Arm rigged on rooftop to replicate sun.

Camera/Teleprompter rigged to wheel chair for long "Walk & Talk" dolly shot.

Camera mounted to rig that follows beer glass.

Jimmy Jib Head mounted to Dolly for a 180 dutch roll.
(You just have to see it)

This is what you use when an underwater housing "Isn't in the budget" :-).

Yes,... I built an 18k snoot out of a metal garbage can.

Constructed with Lumber...

This Pick-up was towing a Western Wagon. I built this platform to give the SteadiCam Op. a better angle.

I've built several of these Talent Platforms to help separate them out from the background.

This platform enabled the actor (Christopher Lloyd) to appear to climb out a second story window.

This rig allowed us to get a light, on a Mombo Combo, 35ft in the air.