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All-in-One-Truck began in 2005. Started by Kelly Herrin, a Gaffer, Key Grip, Rigger, and Jib Operator, with the intention of helping Low-Budget Film & TV projects improve their production value. Thirteen years (and lots of new gear) later, it has become a truly great One-Stop-Shop for Producers with big visions (but small budgets).

The greatest impact a Grip & Lighting Package can have on Production Value is camera movement, so our package always includes a Slider (with rails from 4'- 20'), a Round-D-Round Dolly (with 30' of track), AND a 24' Jimmy Jib w/ Remote Head, as an affordable add-on. 

Here's what our clients have to say:

"Kelly is the best! He provided the grip and light, walkies, jib arm, generator, production office, etc., on my last 25 films. I can't make a movie without him. He's professional, incredibly knowledgable and, most importantly, highly moral." 

Michael Feifer, Producer/Director/Writer

"We were very happy with Kelly and his crew. They exceeded our expectations and provided top-notch service. We plan on using him again and I have no concerns recommending him." 

Brady Lane, Harley-Davidson

"Kelly Herrin is the go to guy for all your Los Angeles production needs." 

"Hollywood" Heard, Producer/Director/DP

We used Kelly and his "all-in-one-truck" for our very first production. Without him, it wouldn't have been nearly as successful. The entire crew was amazed at how much equipment he kept pulling from the truck. If you're like us, and have a low to no budget, do like we did and use most of it on Kelly. You'll be glad you did. 

Kirk & Joni B. 

"To the grip and lighting department, you guys rocked the house. Kelly's leadership and rock solid command of the crew was a sight to behold. They suffered through long cold nights and challenging setups. Their tirelessness is truly a benchmark for all of us to aim toward."

Robert Sanders, Producer/Director

"Kelly is the Bomb! If you have any questions about a small film you're thinking about making... this is the brain to pick!

Brian Gramo,

"I love the all-in-one concept. It was perfect for the Phoenix shoot. Grip and lighting gear, jib-arm,.. and thanks for hauling all our gear down there as well. You're going to be very successful. Are you available next sunday?" 

Mike K., Line Producer

"Kelly has an amazing truck, which has a crapload of lighting equipment, walkie-talkies, even a Jib, and ... well, just look at his website. He even has simple stuff like Windex. The guy comes prepared. He was very professional, knew exactly what needed to be done, and didn't slack off for even a second."

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